Every organization has its proprietary resources: compounds, data, knowledge and know-how. At the early stage of drug discovery, pooling these resources can yield results that surpass what organizations could otherwise achieve. Stakeholders in pharmaceutical research need each other - and their proprietary resources - to take their work and achievements to the next levels.

TI Pharma targets priority medicine research by facilitating and safeguarding the flow of competitive information between partners. Guided by TI Pharma's expertise, resources can be effectively and safely shared.

TI Pharma facilitates several such partnerships, including:

  • The European Lead Factory: Pan-European, 30-partner consortium to connect compound libraries and encourage new discoveries
  • Kinetics for Drug Discovery: Pan-European, 20-partner consortium to solve efficacy issues in drug candidate development, based on a novel concept called "target residence time"

“The experience that TI Pharma has from putting together partnerships to research neglected diseases is really valuable, because it applies across other therapeutic diseases.”

Tim Wells
Chief Scientific Officer
Medicines for Malaria Venture

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