Pharmaceutical innovation is a dynamic and challenging landscape - more so now than ever. From patients to big pharma, stakeholders in this field are searching for new ways to fulfill their roles. Meanwhile, the disease burden and increasing healthcare costs continue to put pressure on societies and their economies.

In this changing environment, progress means partnership. Despite their differing responsibilities - in fact, because of them - big pharma, SMEs, academic research groups, patient organizations, regulatory agencies, and governments themselves must work together. They must embrace their new, collaborative roles to pursue and achieve pharmaceutical success.

TI Pharma enables international, multidisciplinary partnership in pharmaceutical R&D, precisely to address this challenge. Its expertise revolves around partnership in three areas:

“One of TI Pharma's big strengths is that it knows how to manage money. That's a skill that should be more widespread.”

Tim Wells
Chief Scientific Officer
Medicines for Malaria Venture

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