'New Tracks to Medicines'

The FES-funded (Dutch natural gas reserve fund) research portfolio was launched in 2007 and concluded in 2013. There have been notable scientific and clinical successes.

The report ‘New Tracks to Medicines’ summarizes the results of a unique collaboration of 96 partners, including 26 knowledge institutes, 21 large and 43 smaller industrial players, as well as organizations such as the Dutch Medicines Evaluation Board and patient organizations. With generous co-funding from the Dutch government, we have built connections between these parties, so they have been able to work together on a very productive joint research agenda. Almost 2,000 people contributed to the programme over the last six years, of which 470 were newly educated researchers.

We would like to thank the Dutch government, our partners and all those involved for making this endeavour a success so far, and we are looking forward to continuing our joint efforts to advance medicines research in the future.

View the report:

“The experience that TI Pharma has from putting together partnerships to research neglected diseases is really valuable, because it applies across other therapeutic diseases.”

Tim Wells
Chief Scientific Officer
Medicines for Malaria Venture

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