Mondriaan Project

There is a wealth of healthcare data available, from e.g. MDs, pharmacies, hospitals, and healthcare insurance companies.

The Mondriaan project has developed a data extraction and data linkage infrastructure. Extraction and linkage are both done anonymously ensuring that patient data is treated in a fully confidential manner. Next, this data can be used by academic and industrial researchers to improve healthcare and lower the price of medicines, as well as make these medicines reach patients faster.

The governance from TI Pharma assisted the partners in their successful collaboration within the Mondriaan project. At the moment, the system is further enriched with large Dutch healthcare databases. Moreover, the Mondriaan system is being considered as a template for a similar European database system of patient data.

TI Pharma is now providing governance for the Mondriaan Foundation, which will ensure the long term continuation of Mondriaan as an institute with national and international impact.


Partners contributed IT infrastructure and healthcare data, as well as knowledge about data models and record linkage.

Utrecht University
University Medical Centre Utrecht
University Medical Centre Groningen
University of Groningen

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