Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), also known as 'the hospital bacterium', is a bacterium that is resistant to most common antibiotics. The MRSA infection is therefore difficult totreat. Developing a remedy, based on traditional types of drugs, remains a big challenge.

Next to posing a deadly threat to weakened individuals, this bacterium is the cause of immense costs worldwide when whole hospital wards need to be disinfected.

In this TI Pharma project, researchers are developing a new type of medicine to attack MRSA. This medicine will consist of antibodies produced by human cells to reduce the risk of an immune response.

Integration of complementary expertise of industrial and academic partners brought together on the TI Pharma platform lies at the basis of this project's success.


The partners contributed expertise such as antibody development and production, protein analysis, isolation of MRSA surface proteins, immunology and efficacy testing of antibodies.

IQ Corporation
University Medical Center Utrecht
University Medical Centre Groningen
Erasmus Medical Centre

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