Immunotherapy is considered an important strategic approach in the treatment of cancer. However, the development of cancer vaccines is hindered by the lack of relevant biological models due to the complexity of the immune response where simultaneous multiple readouts are required. The problem is that testing and development of cancer therapeutics has relied traditionally upon single readouts as typified by cytotoxic drugs and biological products so far as assays are concerned. Our proposal seeks to readdress this by developing multiple biosensor readouts that have more relevance and give more information for screening of biomolecules effective in T-cell immunotherapy of cancer.

Fast facts:
Project title: Orthogonal Screening of Biomolecules Effective in T-Cell Immunotherapy of Cancer Using Transgenic Mouse Models Combined with Novel Multi-Coloured Imaging Tools
Short project title: IMMUNOCOLOURS
Principal Investigator: Prof.dr. Clemens Lowik
Partners: Percuros B.V., Ilumicare B.V., Leiden University Medical Center
Budget: 980 kEUR
Start: 1 January 2013
End: 30 June 2014

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