Cardiovascular diseases are the most common diseases worldwide. Although nowadays less patients die of heart attacks, many suffer from heart failure due to injury to the heart tissue. Current treatment is aimed at unblocking the affected blood vessel(s), which limits but not restores the damage. Recently, CardioGenx BV identified a unique protein that can promote growth of new functional blood vessels in the heart, boosting repair and limiting heart failure. In this project, a public-private-partnership of CardioGenx BV, University Medical Center Utrecht and Batavia Bioservices BV will provide proof-of-efficacy for this protein, allowing it to be developed into a biopharmaceutical product.

Fast facts:
Project title: Proof-of-Mechanism for the novel pro-angiogenic protein CXE1 for the treatment of cardiovascular disease
Short project title: CXE1 as treatment for CVD
Principal Investigator: Dr. Eric Duckers
Partners: CardioGenx, Batavia Bioservices, UMCU
Budget: 1.6 MEUR
Start: 1 January 2013
End: 31 December 2014

“What TI Pharma can deliver from collaborations is more efficient healthcare, faster time to market and quicker patient benefit.”

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