The goal of this project is to deliver a novel test-method for developing personalized treatments with the emerging drugs that target (de)acetylating enzymes. This new test-method will allow the detection of these enzymes in patient-derived biopsies. Recent proteomics has revealed the widespread abundance of protein lysine-acetylation as a vital regulation mechanism in cells, which therefore presents a rather new high-potential drug target. The results will aid in biomarker discovery and companion diagnostics for matching the right patients with the novel drugs. Starting in oncology (melanoma) the methodology developed will subsequently be applicable to other disease areas as well.

Fast facts
Project title: Multiplex medicine test for anti-acetylation drug & biomarker discovery
Short project title: Acetylation drug test
Principal Investigator: Dr. Rob Ruijtenbeek
Partners: PamGene int. B.V., Pepscan B.V., Utrecht University, Nederlands Kanker Institute (NKI)
Budget: 500 kEUR
Start: 1 december 2012
End: 30 november 2014 

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