Principal Investigator: Dr. Ruud Verrijk
Partners: OctoPlus, Feyecon, AMC

Patients with age-related eye diseases such as macular degeneration (AMD) and uveitis posterior are treated by frequent intravitreal, which is of great inconvenience to the patient. The treatment can be improved by reducing the injection frequency to once or twice a year by using sustained release formulations of the therapeutic drug. OctoPlus is developing a novel platform technology for the controlled release of drugs that will be particularly suitable for ocular diseases and is a "one-shoe-fits-all" approach that can be used for any active drug without having to redesign the formulation or the manufacturing process.

This partnership brings together the expertise required to perform a preclinical proof of concept study. The technology, evaluation and production will be performed by Feyecon and OctoPlus. The AMC is involved to provide expertise on the ocular diseases and treatment requirements and to perform the in vivo experiments for proof of concept.

Fast facts:
Project title: Preclinical Proof of Concept of a Versatile Technology for the Sustained Release of Drugs for Ocular Diseases
Short project title: Sustained Ocular Drug Release
Start date: 1-1-2013
End date: 31-12-2013
Budget: 620K

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Chief Scientific Officer
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