The retinoic-acid-receptor-related orphan receptor yt (RORyt), a master regulator of the inflammatory IL-17/IL-23 cytokine axis, was recently identified as a prime drug target for many autoimmune diseases including psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and COPD. In this project, Lead Pharma, Mercachem, the Laboratory for Medical Immunology, the Department of Dermatology and the Laboratory for Pediatric Infectious Diseases of the Radboud University NijmegenMedical Centre will jointly develop new in vitro and in vivo screening models that will expedite the ongoing development of new ROR?t inhibitors, and that will allow for successful and quick progression of these compounds from bench-to-bedside.

Fast facts:
Project title: Translational models for modulators of the IL-17/IL-23 axis
Short project title: Profiling of IL-17 modulators
Principal Investigator: Dr. Sander Nabuurs
Partners: Lead Pharma, Mercachem, RUNMC
Budget: 1.1 M EUR
Start: 1 November 2012
End: 30 April 2014

“TI Pharma's program managers are experts in the content, enabling them to keep parties focused on the goals that were agreed upon at the outset.”

Jan Raaijmakers
Past VP External Scientific Collaborations GSK Europe
Chair TI Pharma Board of Directors

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