Mondriaan: a Dutch 'population' laboratory
A lot of excellent scientific knowledge exists in several databases in the Dutch health care and research institutes. This project aims to connect all this knowledge and make it available to researchers in order to fuel pharmaceutical research in the Netherlands and to play an internationally competitive role in drug intelligence and innovation.

Scientific integrity is one of the foremost factors of the database. Therefore, a system was developed that couples data in an anonymous way, and all research requests are screened for relevance and validity. Furthermore, a structure was designed to enable best scientific use of the data both for academic and industrial researchers. The next step in the project is to create a legal and financial basis for long term continuation of Mondriaan as an institute with national and international impact.

Fast facts
Full project title: The Mondriaan
Project: The Dutch healthcare landscape as a 'population laboratory'
Start date: June 2007
End date: June 2013
Goal: Create a national data network containing healthcare and research databases to fuel pharmaceutical research in the Netherlands
Principal investigator: Rick Grobbee
Project size: 9 FTE's
Partners: GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi Aventis, University Medical Center Utrecht, University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, Utrecht University 

“TI Pharma's partnerships result in a synergy that really drives the science further than the individual parties could achieve working alone.”

Jan Raaijmakers
Past VP External Scientific Collaborations GSK Europe
Chair TI Pharma Board of Directors

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