Developing a vaccine against Chikungunya virus infections
Viral disease epidemics have increased in incidence around the world in recent decades. One of these diseases is caused by the Chikungunya virus, which is transmitted by the Asian tiger mosquito.

The disease causes sudden high fever, rashes and intense joint pain, which can result in disability, sometimes lasting for several months. Currently, no vaccine or treatment is available to combat this disease. Considering the increasing incidence of the Chikungunya virus in Asia, and in the future its likely spread to Europe, it is important to develop a vaccine against this virus that can be used not only to protect people living in the endemic area, but also travelers visiting those areas. Top Institute Pharma has formed a consortium to develop a "pre-clinical proof of concept" vaccine which aims to reduce the rate of Chikungunya infections.

Fast facts
Full project title: Vaccine against Chikungunya virus infections
Start date: January 2009
End date: January 2012
Goal: To develop a proof of concept vaccine against the Chikungunya virus
Principal investigator: Han van den Bosch, MSD
Project size: 6
Partners: Wageningen University and Research Center, Erasmus University Medical Center, MSD


Neglected diseases are a subgroup of orphan diseases. Neglected diseases are diseases prevalent in developing countries. The countries and/or patients are too poor to pay the regular premium price for a proper treatment. Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry is facing a challenge earning back the investment when developing medicines for these diseases. Public-private partnerships as well as new funding strategies will significantly contribute to fighting neglected diseases.

PhD theses from this project

Stefan Metz (project T4-301)
Chikungunya virus-like particle vaccine

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