Drug discovery and development are becoming more and more dynamic. New fields of research and innovation are opening up fresh avenues and possibilities. But patents are also expiring, pipelines are running dry, and return on investment is dropping.

While patients struggle at the sidelines, companies and research groups are striving to develop workable business models that can succeed in this changing landscape. Personalized and more specialized medicines are the future - but such research is risky; it lacks the large patient numbers and market pull that have built research momentum - and attracted funding - for many years. New business models must be found.

Open innovation is the way forward - multidisciplinary collaboration between many different stakeholders in pursuit of groundbreaking research. But open innovation needs an independent third party that can bring partners together - driving R&D towards the medicines we critically need.

“TI Pharma's program managers are experts in the content, enabling them to keep parties focused on the goals that were agreed upon at the outset.”

Jan Raaijmakers
Past VP External Scientific Collaborations GSK Europe
Chair TI Pharma Board of Directors

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