TI Pharma sets up and manages collaboration between public and private partners in pharmaceutical research and innovation.

Through TI Pharma, pharmaceutical stakeholders can:

  • Find partners and financing to advance pharmaceutical development
  • Combine knowledge and resources to achieve faster results
  • Share risks and costs in challenging research areas
  • Navigate regulatory issues

TI Pharma's expertise includes:

  • Partnership mobilization and consortium building
  • Project management and governance
  • Finances and funding
  • Coordination of IP, facility, resource and knowledge sharing
  • Organizational support, including ICT, HR, back office and communications
  • Entrepreneurial mentorship and growth transitioning

“TI Pharma's partnerships result in a synergy that really drives the science further than the individual parties could achieve working alone.”

Jan Raaijmakers
Past VP External Scientific Collaborations GSK Europe
Chair TI Pharma Board of Directors

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