Top Institute Pharma (TI Pharma) is an independent research enabler of drug discovery and development.

TI Pharma sets up and runs multidisciplinary partnerships that advance the development of socially valuable medicines. It links precompetitive, pharmaceutical research and expertise - from science to industry, from the Netherlands and across the globe - in open innovation. TI Pharma provides the third-party governance to build and safeguard the trust necessary in pharmaceutical partnership.

TI Pharma's portfolio is dedicated to the priority medicines identified by the World Health Organization's 2004 and 2013 reports. Priority medicines research & development is often difficult or impossible for a single group to perform alone. Partnership through TI Pharma takes this R&D to the next level - making the development of critical medicines better, faster and more affordable.

“What TI Pharma can deliver from collaborations is more efficient healthcare, faster time to market and quicker patient benefit.”

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