Escher is an independent, international research platform, with a pan-European focus. Escher builds on the results and track-record of the TI Pharma's Escher FES project. Today, Escher is TI Pharma's multi-stakeholder platform for research in regulatory and HTA topics to advance the development of socially valuable medicines.

A more efficient and effective regulatory system can help to better address medical needs by speeding up the development of innovative medicines and medical technology, while assuring safety and contributing to a better management of public expenditures on healthcare. Escher focuses on four research topics:

  • Evidence generation methods and evidence requirements
  • Scientific dialogue and stakeholder interaction
  • Decision-making process and benefit-risk analysis
  • Health technology assessment and societal impact evaluation

Currently, Escher is working on a project called "Improving the EU system for marketing authorization: Reviewing regulatory deficiencies and inefficiencies". It aims to:

  • Identify areas for potential improvement within the EU regulatory system that will positively affect innovative research and development, and the development of products that ad­dress medical need/priority medicines.
  • Generate evidence on the underlying problems with the regulatory system to help inform the agenda for policymaking at the European and national level.

Project partners:

  • Utrecht University
  • Exon

More information can be found on the Escher website.

“Running public-private partnerships is a profession by itself. TI Pharma is an excellent example of how you can do this in an effective way.”

Hugo Hurts
Director/Secretary of the Medicines Evaluation Board

Hugo Hurts
Director/Secretary of the Medicines Evaluation Board

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