Top Institute Pharma (TI Pharma) is a public-private partnership in which academic and business worlds work together on groundbreaking, multidisciplinary research aimed at improving the development of socially valuable medicines. This research precedes the stage in which companies develop individual medicines commercially. Our institute acts as an essential link in combining the knowledge present in science and industry. Collaboration within our research projects provides unique opportunities to strengthen the scientific foundation of pharmaceutical research in the Netherlands.

Our research projects are, for a large part, focused on research that is difficult or impossible for individual companies to perform. Our research portfolio is based on topics as specified in Priority Medicines, a report by the World Health Organization (WHO). These projects create knowledge that is important for better, faster and less-expensive development of valuable new medicines.

“TI Pharma's program managers are experts in the content, enabling them to keep parties focused on the goals that were agreed upon at the outset.”

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